Blood, Sweat and Craft Beers

We write this in full knowledge that we may only have 20 days left of this mortal life. While many will say we were too young and extremely beautiful to go out so soon, we go comforted in the thought that our DNA, figuratively and possibly literally lives on.

On Sunday 15 June at 9am, our beer-ravaged bodies will have simply evaporated into a fetid fog, as Brisbane's City 2 South wraps up. Just as Jesus did some 2000 years ago, we will climb Golgotha aka Highgate Hill, enduring cruel torture, before we finally take our place at the Right Hand of the Father. 

However, fear not for us because we do this satisfied in the knowledge we have brought joy to this world on two fronts.

Firstly, and most importantly, we run along with our comrades in the craft beer community to raise cash-money for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation. This  organisation awards grants allowing vital research to help us to understand cancer and formulate drugs and interventions against it. Cancer has a disproportionate burden on Australian society but we are on the cutting edge of discoveries thanks to organisations like the ACRF. 

Secondly, we leave this earth having experienced Nirvana aka helping to brew the official beer of our running team at Newstead Brewing Co: the City 2 Stout, a smoky, unfiltered breakfast stout. 

We'd like to thank Mark, Gavin and Jarrett at NBC for allowing grubs like us to drink their delicious beer, eat their excellent food and answer our incessant and inane questions. Thanks go to Jimmie Gold, of Tippler's Tap fame, for herding up the faithful and bringing us together. 

We milled, we mashed, we scrubbed, we hosed, we hopped, we pitched, and we conquered. 

The resulting beer will we sold in the finer establishments around town with monies going to the ACRF. We'd love nothing more than to guilt you into purchasing this beer and/or donate obscene amounts of money directly here

Find us via Ouija board wherever good beer is sold.