The Good Beer Co: Why not stuff some good will down your Santa sack this year?

Sick of being the Hans Gruber of your social circle?

Do you wish you’d not seen the look on Cheryl from Payroll’s face when she opened that Secret Santa present you’d got her and it was just an Oak chocolate milk, bag of KitKats and a little sachet of Fisherman's Friend, bought moments before from Caltex and wrapped hastily in aluminum foil?

Does your lack of performance ‘under the Christmas tree’ just serve to reinforce yours and everyone else's suspicions that you’re an abject failure?

Not this year.

Thanks to a thoroughly commendable initiative by The Good Beer Co. finally you can stuff your Santa sack with something decent.

Launched by the positively dishy, James Grugeon,  The Good Beer Co. is Australia's first social enterprise beer company. The initiative will harness the raw power of good beer and good will to give back to some of Australia's most deserving charities (instead of lining the pockets of those racketeering craft brewery owners. JOKES. JESUS). 

Brewed at the Bargara Brewing Company, at least fifty percent of profits from the aptly named Great Barrier Beer, will go to the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

While the first beer - a mid-strength IPA - will hopefully be in stores from February, punters looking for a hands-down brilliant Christmas gift can select from a number of options on their crowdfunding website. From as little as $25 you (or that special somebody) can get to be one of the first people to wrap their mitts around this truly beaut brew. Feel like dropping a kool ten-thou and you can even be treated to some seriously decadent VIP shiz.

Here at BCB we sometimes remember that Christmas is not only a time for drunken lunacy and post-office-party shame, it’s a time to give something to somebody to tell them they're alright. There's no better gift we can think of than contributing to a deserving cause and getting beer to boot.

So when you're stalking the aisles of 7/11 on Christmas Eve and considering kicking a child in the back of the head to get the last Cadbury stocking, pause and remember The Good Beer Co.