The End Of An "Era"

If you’re one of the 16 people that have read an article on this blog before now, chances are that we’ve already told you in person that big things are happening in our worlds.  However, if you’ve stumbled on this blog by googling “history port arthur” and found it was deranged enough that you decided to return as some sort of sadomasochistic experiment then let me enlighten you.

In the first week of June my wife and I will be moving to Sydney.  This is equal parts exciting and terrifying.  Mostly because I still don’t have a job lined up and I’ve realised that I kind of like Brisbane and some of the people that live there.  On the other hand, I know almost nothing about Sydney except that some scenes of The Matrix were filmed there.  Also there is a bridge or something, I don’t know.  It was raining and dark and Hugo Weaving was saying something cool so I got a bit distracted.

In other news Brewed, Crude and Bitter’s second most respected contributor Brad, and his wife are moving to London for a while.  Quite why anyone would do this is beyond me.  I mean, where are you going to buy a fresh case of Peroni when Yatala is so far away?  It beggars belief.

So with Brad and myself no longer residing within Brisbane it may be difficult to continue to provide content about the Brisbane beer community.  That is of course unless Jimmie Gold finally fulfils his destiny.  So for the immediate future, we don’t really have any idea how, when or if Brewed, Crude and Bitter will continue.

For me personally, I enjoy doing this shit way too much to give it up so there is a good chance I’ll continue to dribble my inane and confusing rubbish in some way.  I just don’t know what form it will take. 

Brad, although undeniably sexy, is for all intents and purposes barely human.  So to expect him to continue contributing to the BCB brand while in another hemisphere is a big ask.  I’m not sure I’ve ever actually seen him drink a beer anyway, but you never know.  Also, I hate him.

When we started this thing in March last year (please don’t go back and read anything from then, I beg of you) we did it with two goals in mind: to get sent free shit and to maybe help brew a beer commercially and be able to drink that beer at a nice bar.  And just to demonstrate how nice and easily fooled beer people are, we managed to meet those goals within the first few months. 

Despite being told on a couple of occasions that “We love what you write but unfortunately you don’t hit the readership numbers for us to send you beer to review” it didn’t matter anymore.  What we really didn’t expect was to make genuine friendships with a whole bunch of people who we would otherwise have never met (although the vast majority of you are thoroughly unpleasant and generally repugnant to look at).

So there you have it.  This may or may not be the last Brewed, Crude and Bitter article in its current form.  While we’re both pretty excited to get our disgusting mitts in and around some good beer in Sydney and Old Blighty respectively, you pack of mongrel pigs better buy us a beer before we go.